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Architectural Department:


Architectural design of residential units (villas, buildings, skyscrapers, business buildings, offices, restaurants, width places for animation and entertainment, shops, hotels, etc.); civil buildings and Public buildings (Municipal, administrative and commercial buildings, churches, cemeteries, schools, libraries, theatres, supermarkets, cinemas, sports establishments, hospitals, post offices, railway stations and public transports, airports, sea and river ports, museum, etc.).


Structural Department:


Design calculations ultimate limits to the states and limit state operating, the allowable tensions and structural check, any type of building material (reinforced concrete, steel, brick, wood, prefabricated); design calculations and check of civil development, (houses, bridges, tunnels, etc.); hydraulc engineering, acquifer reservoirs, dams, tanks, pipelines and weels (drainage pipelines, water pipelines, gas pipelines, telecomunications, etc.).


Topography Department:


Planimetric and altimetry topographical relief, measurement and division of agricultural lands, displacement and retification of bounaries; organization of the ground to place aquifer reservoirs and channels; road design; updating surveying instruments.


Planning Department:


Accomplishment of Municipal zoning; detailed plans; recovery plans; integrated programs; urban renewal programs; reconstruction plans; plans for popular and economic housing; plans for fruitful settlements; lotting plans; building regulations; overseeing constructions; outdoor urban design.


Rules & Shipbuilding Department:


Monitoring for the respect of the technical standard relating the accident prevetntion in yard;direction of work; direction and design of the construction yard safety plans; develop programs for the execution of engineering works; designed in accordance in seismic zones; set of rules against the removal of architectural barriers.


Estimate Department:


Advice into the branch of the territorial planning buildings estimates, (Building areas, rural buildings, damages to buildings); management of condominiums; estimtes of lands (agricultural leases, quarries, etc.); estimates inherent to public properties (environmental properties, cost-benefit analysis, environmental impact assessment); land transactions, complete estimates on the accounting and the planning work.


Environmental Department:


Strippers projects; landfills; plans for solid urban desposal; plans for the differentiated waste collection; set-up of the environment with biological material (set-up of mountainsides and riverbanks greening); purifying plans for reservoirs and drains; urban green areas; development and rural set-up.


Interior & Outdoor Design Department:


Advices and interior design; accomplishment of interior accessories and outdoor urban design.


Graphics & Multimedia Department:


Advices, planning and realization of advertising, logos and representative material; clips and multimedia animation for advertising services.


Conservation & Restoration Department:


Advice, planning and work management of restoration, waterproofing of an extreme quality for frontages and interiors; plans of recovery for the urban built heritage of historical interest and not.


Confort & Power Plants Department:


Planning of industrial plants and for the renewable electricity and not; planning for construction plants; planning and testing for buildings energy certification relating the energy saving; planning for the improvement of environmens climate; planning of elements and interiors for improvemens of the acustic and lighting confort.


Research & Technology Department:


Project for reasearch and development for engineering applications in architecture and industrial sectors.


Surveys & Analysis Department:


Advice and technical expertise particulary, about the structural conditions of architectural works, on the environmental problems and on the physicochemical problems acting on the degraded structures; study and application of appropriate intervention plans for interiors and structures rehabilitation.